Do you have your own drawing or design idea, do you want to participate in the process of creating something special, exciting and exceptional?

Here you can order a painting of clothes according to your own design!

How to order?

Step 1. Choose clothes to be painted on

You can entrust us with the purchase of clothes by specifying the type of product, material, size, style and approximate expected price in the order. The cost of clothing will be added to the total cost of the order. If you use a specific brand of clothing, please specify this in your order.

You can also buy clothes yourself* and send them to us:
Karaviaeva Street, Building 1a, Apartment 10, Dnipro, 49064, Ukraine.
Telephone: +380931974634,
Address: Olena Nisman.

* you should choose things for painting based not only on your own preferences, but also on the quality of the material it is made of. For example, woolen fabrics are absolutely not suitable for painting, because due to the rough coating and many grooves - the paint cannot lie even, but will definitely spread and lose its attractive appearance. Fabrics suitable for painting: cotton (at least 50% cotton), linen (at least 50% linen), satin, chiffon, crepe de chine, leather and others.

Step 2. Select a picture or drawing

If you already have a ready-made picture or drawing, just add it to the order.
Don't have a picture, don't know what to depict, or have an idea that needs to be brought to life? We will be happy to help you create a picture according to your preferences. Our artist can give his advice and draw a picture if necessary. The cost of creating a painting by our artist starts at $5.

Step 3. Create an order

You can use WhatsApp or email to send us your order. Our contacts:
WhatsApp: +380931974634.

Specify in the order:

- what clothes you have chosen for painting;
- add a picture or describe your design idea in detail so that our artists can create a suitable picture/drawing;
- specify the address of the recipient in the format – ZIP-code; country; region/state/region; city; street, house number; apartment/office number;
- surname and name as stated in the passport;
- mobile phone number in international format;

Step 4. Order confirmation and payment

Based on the data provided by you in the order, we create a mock-up of the finished product,
calculate costs, terms of implementation* and delivery.
In the return message, we provide you with a mock-up for confirmation and a link to pay the full cost of services (work + delivery).

* The price and terms of work depend primarily on the complexity of the picture/drawing. As in any other artistic field, there is a certain sequence of increasing the level of complexity of the picture/drawing. Monochrome drawings, images of cartoon characters, and inscriptions are the simplest. Next come landscapes, architecture, flowers. The most difficult is the image of people and animals. Also, the price is affected by the number of small details, different shades and color transitions.

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